How to start learn coding at home || Best Beginner Guide

Guide For Learning Coding At Home

How to start learn coding at home || Best Beginner Guide

Nowadays coding is the only skill that helps you develop your dream future within a a few years. So if you want to develop your career/future with the help of coding and you are searching for How to start learning coding at home, then you approach the correct article.

In this article, We will guide you about how you will learn coding at home. Before discussing how to start coding, I would like to tell you what is coding, why we learn to code, why coding is so important for a career and what is top coding language that you should need to learn at home in 2023 is.

What is Coding?

To give any instruction to a computer or laptop in the own language of computer or laptop is called coding. As you know that computer can do all those works which are not possible for a human being.

Therefore, to do any work from the computer, the computer has to be told that some programming language of the computer has to be used to tell the work to be done and these languages of the computer are also called coding or programming. 

Why We Learn Coding?

In today's era, as fast as technology is being implemented in our lives, behind all this technology coding is necessary. In simple words, coding has become an important part of our life. Whether you are a businessman or you belong to any field, you must have knowledge about coding. Knowledge about coding is as important for you as your business or your field important.

How to Start Learning Coding at Home

If you belong to the computer field then it is very easy for you to learn coding but if you belong to any other field then learning coding may be a bit difficult for you.

In this article, even if you are privileged to belong to any field and want to learn coding then I will guide you about how you can learn coding from your home. 

If you want to learn coding sitting at your home then you need to follow below few steps to learn coding easily.

  1. Select Purpose Why You Want To Learn Coding
  2. Choose Easy Programming Language in Starter
  3. Take Courses or Lectures About Coding From Youtube
  4. Gain Coding Knowledge By Browsing
  5. Make Project


1. Select Purpose Why You Want To Learn Coding

This is the main step to start learning coding. Befor learning coding you need you set a goal or purpose that you want to learn coding because learning anything without a goal is very difficult and maybe impossible. 

If you want to learn coding for any reason, then surely consider this reason as your goal and start learning coding. Because if you have in mind that you have to fulfill your goal by learning coding then you will learn coding easily.

2. Choose Easy Programming Language in Starter

Selecting which programming language to start learning is an important step. There are hundreds of programming languages that exist in the Internet era, so it is very difficult to choose which language should learn first as a beginner. If you want to know which is the top programming language must read, the Top 10 programming languages.

In this step of coding learning, you probably want to learn app development or web development, first of all, you have to find the easiest language of this course and learn it. Like if you want to learn web development then you should learn html language first.

3. Take Courses or Lectures About Coding From Youtube 

This is the third and most important step of learning coding at home. This step involves finding YouTube courses for the language you want to learn. Also, compare the relevant language lectures from different YouTube channels and learn something new in each lecture.

4. Gain Coding Knowledge By Browsing

Gaining coding knowledge by internet browsing is the second step of learning coding at home. In this step, you have to research your related language questions and confusions on the internet and gather knowledge by reading their related articles.

5. Make Project

Making a project is the last and most important step. In this step, you must create at least two projects using the coding language that you have learned.

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