Top 10 Programming Languages that Developers used 2023

There was a time when only a few peoples know programming languages. Nowadays everyone wants to learn programming languages and become a developer.

In the beginning, developers only had a few programming languages that they used to perform a function or task on a computer. As technology evolved over time, so did the number of programming languages increased. Nowadays, there are 200+ programming languages.

Top 10 Programming Languages that Developers used 2023

As technology progressed in the world, however, the value of developers continued to increase. 

Many beginners want to start learning programming languages but they have no idea which languages are best and more demanded in the future.

What is Programming?

Many beginners want to make their future in programming languages, but with so many languages, many beginners are confused about which one language is best for them. Beginners are confused because they don't know the actual usage of every programming language.

So today's article is only for beginners guide so that they can brighten their future by selecting the right programming language. In this article, you will know about the top 10 programming languages and their uses.

In this article, you will be able to decide which languages are best for your bright future by looking at the top 10 programming usages.

Top 10 Programming Languages

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. JavaScript
  4. C/C++
  5. C#
  6. PHP
  7. SQL
  9. Ruby

Languages with their uses

(1)    Python

Python is one of the best and most advanced-level high-level programming languages. Python was discovered 32 years ago in 1991(2023).

When the Python language was released, only a few developers used this language. But after 2021, as artificial intelligence started to develop, the demand for Python language developers started to increase.

In 2023, Python is the most popular programming language. Python is the most popular programming language because it's easy to learn and begins friendly.

Uses of Python Language

In today's era of late technology, Python is used in every type of development. You can use Python in all kinds of development, be it AI(Artificial Intelligence) or data analysis.

Python is mostly used in artificial intelligence because Python languages have a lot of expected functionalities. Most meteorological department websites are developed with the help of Python language.

The most common uses of Python language are Web Development, Software Development, Data science, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine learning, Any type of Game Development, etc.

(2)    Java

Java is a high-level programming language because it is easy to write and read. Java is one of the top Multi-Paradigm and Object-Oriented programming languages. 

Since the Java language appeared in 1995, developers and programmers have been using the Java language continuously. 

Nowadays every beginner wants to learn Java programming language because it is very easy to learn and understand. 

Uses of Java Language

You can use the Java programming language in the development of any type of application. Java is widely used for web applications and Android application development.

The most common uses of Java programming language are Web application development, Mobile Application Development, Business Application Development, Education Application Development, Scientific Application Applications, Artificial Intelligence(AI) based Application Development, etc.

(3) JavaScript

Java is one of the best scripting languages. It is also a high-level language. Java is the only popular language used by every junior and senior developer in the world.

JavaScript Dom Manipulation

Java language is full of event-based functionalities. Java is also called client-side language, because any code that a developer or programmer writes in Java the code runs on the client side.

Uses of JavaScript Language

Java is an event-based programming language that is useful for adding extra functionality to most front-end designs. Java programming language is mostly used in Front-end development.

What is a JavaScript variable?

The most comment uses of Java programming langue are in Web Development, Games Development, Developing Booking Systems, Animation, etc.

(4)    C/C++

C and C++ are two different programming languages but there is not much difference between them. The syntax of C and C++ programming languages are almost the same, only slightly syntax is different.

C is a programming language that doesn't have objects and classes but in C++ you can use both objects and classes. C/C++ is one of the most popular and oldest programming languages. 

Uses of C/C++

C/C++ programming language is widely used in GUI application development and operation systems, etc.

(5)    C#

C# represents the word See Sharp(C#). C# is a high-level programming langue. It is very easy to learn and understand. C# is a very simple programming language.

Uses of C#

C# programming language is widely used in developing Web Applications and Windows Applications.

(6)    PHP

PHP is one of the top and most popular Back-end languages. PHP language works on the server side. PHP language is embedded with Html or any other programming language.

What is the history of HTML?

PHP is a full server scripting programming language. It is also called server-side language.

Uses of PHP Language

The PHP language is widely used in Developing Dynamic Web Pages, Developing Database  Applications, Developing registration Applications, Web Pages, etc.

(7)    SQL

The full form is Structured Query Languages. It is also one of the oldest and most popular programming languages. 

SQL is the most popular language because it is used to manage a lot of data online. SQL is a database programming language. 

SQL is a single query language that works in the field of data science. So, if you want to work in the data science field then you must learn SQL.

Uses of SQL 

SQL is commonly used for storing or retrieving any type of data in a database.

(8)    MATLAB

MATLAB is a Multi-Paradigm programming language. In MATLAB language, developers faced a numeric environment. This language is just developed for math works or numeric works.

Uses of MATLAB

MATLAB is widely used for Numeric Environments, Prototyping, etc.

(9)    Ruby

Ruby is a high-level programming language. The syntax of Ruby Language is very easy to learn and understand.  Ruby language is a scripting language. The feature of  Ruby language is matching with Python language.

If you want to learn Ruby programming language, you can learn Ruby language within 3-4 months.

Uses of Ruby Language

Ruby programming language is widely used in Automation Web Scraping, etc.

(10)    FORTRAN

FORTRAN stands for Formula-Translation. It is a structure-based programming language because the environment of the FORTRAN language represents some structure.


The widely use of FORTRAN programming langue is making any type of structure or design and engineering application, etc.

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