What is HTML in Detail? HTML Introduction, Structure, More

HTML is a very easy and simple programming language. It is used to create a basic web page look and display any type of content on web pages.

All the websites or any single web page that you see on the internet are built with the help of HTML programming language. Developers implement other programming languages along with HTML to create a web page or a website.

What is HTML in Detail? HTML Introduction, Structure, More

Without HTML language we cannot create any web page. The HTML programming language does not work alone but it works with other programming languages to create web pages.

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Now a day's all the students and freshers come across with HTML but they don't know what is HTML and its basic structure or who introduced html. Read, the complete history of HTML.

So in this article, we will show you What is HTML in brief detail, HTML introduction, HTML structure, and who introduced HTML.

What is HTML?

HTML is the short word for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is used to create any type of web page and save page data into the browser. Mostly HTML works with CSS( Cascading Style Sheet) and JavaScript. 

What is CSS?

Css used to make the look of the web page that is created with HTML. JavaScript is used to add some functionality to a web page.

Who Introduced HTML?

HTML was introduced by Tim Berners Lee in 1993. He belongs to England. In the history of programming languages, Tim Berners Lee is also called the father of HTML. If you want to know the complete biography of Tim Berners Lee must read, Tim Berners Lee's biography.

When Tim Berners Lee introduced HTML programming language, there was no other version of HTML. But as the internet era increased, more version of HTML was also introduced. Now there are five versions of HTML will be released. Below is a list of five versions of html.

  1. HTML 1.0
  2. HTML 2.0
  3. HTML 3.0
  4. HTML 4.0
  5. HTML 5.0

HTML 5.0 is the latest version of HTML. HTML 5.0 has more extra features as compared to other features of HTML. Nowadays every developer should use the latest version of HTML(HTML 5.0).

HTML Structure

Html also defines the structure of a web page. whenever we search for something on Chrome or any other browser, we get an HTML page as a result, which is structured with HTML and styled with CSS. 

All html tags in which we write any content must end. There are very few tags in HTML that do not end.

Basic Html Structure
Basic Html Structure


<!DOCTYPE html>:    This is the first tag in the HTML structure, which must be at the start of the structure of each web page. <!DOCTYPE html> Show that the page or document that you open is written in HTML 5.0 programming language.

In simple words, this tag represents the structure of HTML 5.0. This tag does not perform any actual function in html page or any document. This tag is just written for page best SEO of the page.

<html>:    This tag in html structure represents the root of the web page or document. <html> tag is written below <!DOCTYPE html> at the top of the page structure and tell the page structure to load from the start point when the page is loaded on an internet browser.

<head>:    In the head tag we attract links to the metadata. Metadata means data that we already have. Usually, CSS and Javascript are written between the head tags.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">:    This meta line is written in html head tag just to change the view scale of the HTML page. In simple words, this code of line is just for making responsive design.

Below is a link tag that we wrote between the head tag to attract the CSS file with the HTML structure

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="filename.css">

Below is a script tag that we wrote between the head tag to attract the JavaScript file with the HTML structure.

    <script src="filename.js"></script>

<title>:    The title tag is also written between the head tag. In the title tag, developers usually keep the name of the page, which is also visible in the title bar of the internet browser.

<body>: The body tag is used to write the actual content of the page. All the content written between the body tag will be visible to you on your web page.

HTML Editor

We write the HTML code in the html editor.  There are some special html editors in which we can write HTML code. There are many html editors available on the internet. Below is a list of the top three used HTML editors:

  • Notepad
  • Sublime Text
  • Visual Studio
Visual Studio is one of the best code editors because it has extra functions such as a live server etc.


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