What is the History of HTML? Tim Berners Lee Biography

What is the History of HTML? Tim Berners Lee Biography

What is HTML?

Html is a programming language that is used create to web pages. The smallest and the largest web pages available on the internet are created with the help of Html Language. The full form of Html is Hypertext Markup Language. 

Html is a very simple and easy programming language but it is an important language to create any web. 

Html programming language is used by mixing it with other programming languages such as JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, etc.

Although HTML is a very simple and easy programming language, in the world of programming Html is considered as a very important and powerful language.

All web pages on the internet are based on HTML programming language. All web pages display data to the user using Html, which is styled using another programming language such as CSS, react-js, etc.


Html had a single version when it was invented, but over time more versions of Html were defined. There are a total of five versions of Html(2023). Below is the list of Html Verison;

  • Html 1.0
  • Html 2.0
  • Html 3.0
  • Html 4.0
  • Html 5.0
Html 5.0 is the latest and most popular version of Html.

Who is the Founder of HTML?

Berners Lee is the founder of the Html programming language. The full name of Berners Lee is Tim Berners Lee. Tim Berners Lee belongs to England.

Tim Berners Lee was a famous computer scientist and researcher of his time. Tim Berners Lee had a lot of knowledge about the field of IT as well as a lot of expertise in the field of IT.

The father of Tim Berners Lee was a famous IT professor who had set up his own computer lab for IT-related research. Tim Berners Lee has worked with his father on many IT-related projects.

When Tim Berners Lee's father leaves the world, Tim Berners Lee did more research about the latest technology and IT-related projects. 

While working on various IT projects, Tim Berners Lee started working on Internet servers. While working on internet servers, Tim Berners Lee invented web URLs, and HTTPS technology and he also discovered the HTML programming language.

Html is a programming language used to create web pages on the internet. But there was no latest technology to secure these web pages created with Html. So, after a lot of research, Tim Berners Lee discovered a secure internet extension "https".

Finally, After the hardest research, On November 11, 1989,  Tim Berners Lee publically defined his internet server, HTTP extension, and HTML.

Tim Berners Lee won many titles in the world of technology as a result of his successful research. 

What is HTTP's?

HTTP's is a secure internet web extension that is present on every website available on the internet. The http's extension on any website indicates that it is a secure and safe webpage.

Tim Berners Lee Education

Tim Berners Lee did his college education at a famous and popular British College. After completing his college study,  Tim Berners Lee took his admission to Oxford University to further continue his IT field study.

Since  Tim Berners Lee's field was related to technology,  Tim Berners Lee worked on many technology-related projects in his university life and won many awards.

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